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Sinus Arrhythmia Treatment

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Sinus Arrhythmia Treatment

For most patients who suffer from some types of arrhythmia, especially atrial fibrillation, doctors usually prescribe blood thinning medications. The most common one is warfarin although this medication is really potent with some side effects. If patients are prescribed with this, it is imperative that doctors’ instructions are strictly followed before taking it. Unless patients subsequently opt for surgical procedures, example catheter ablation, taking such medications are lifelong.

Patients who are taking warfarin are required to take regular blood tests to determine how it is helping as an anticoagulant agent. Called International Normalised Ratio or INR, the doctor will determine if it meets the requirement of between 2-3 for patients taking warfarin. For patients not on warfarin, the acceptable reading for INR is ’1′. This test will provide appropriate treatment given by the doctor. For example if the INR is too high, this may cause bleeding and if it is too low just means patients’ blood could possibly clot. Blood clotting in the heart is really dangerous as it can lead to a person getting a stroke, called a transient ischaemic attack when blood stops flowing to the brain.

Thankfully there are many newer drugs besides warfarin that doctors can prescribe to patients depending on how responsive patients are to the drugs. The disadvantage of using warfarin is that  this drug reacts with some common food like green vegetables so patients have to change their diet. Otherwise their INR becomes very unstable and could pose a real danger. Newer drugs do not have this food reaction. However the downside is that these newer drugs are much more expensive especially since it is going to be a lifelong medication for the patients.

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